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Canoe Trips

Full Day and Camping trips

Sea Kayak Georgia offers canoe trips through the beautiful  blackwater rivers and creeks of southern Georgia. Full day and camping trips can be planned for groups of two to 30 participants.
Exploring the primordial beauty of the cypress swamp of Ebenezer Creek is one of our favorite day trips.  We get together with CanoeCanoe Outfitters to offer custom inland trips for groups of scouts, family and friends.


Full Day Canoe Trips

Ebenezer Creek
A blackwater river that flows so slowly you could paddle it in either direction. The trip runs for seven miles through a cypress forest straight out of Tolkien’s Trilogy. Thousands of cypress knees reach up to meet the Spanish moss like stalactites and stalagmites in a watery cave. The single best word to describe this place? “Enchanting.”

4 Hours $75 per person, minimum 4 participants

Inland Excursions with CanoeCanoe Outfitters
Inland Georgia rivers are wild and scenic and have incredible camping opportunities for groups, families and individuals.  We operate our canoe programs through our sister company CanoeCanoe Outfitters.

Custom Trips
Canoe trips around Tybee Island and Savannah, Georgia can be arranged.  Please call us for more details.

Where to Meet
We will discuss meeting locations at the time of your reservation.