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SKUK Kayaks

SKUK Kayaks

Our foremost brand of kayaks that we carry is SKUK Nigel Dennis Kayaks.  We carry the full line of kayaks as well as demos for each model. For SKUK boats we have in stock visit our Store and Shop page.

Romany Classic
Romany Surf
Romany Excel
Romany Surf RM
Pilgrim Expedition
Explorer HV

Models in Romany LV and Explorer HV are also still available for sale.  The distributor, Sea Kayaking USA lives on Tybee so while we carry the kayaks in our store we have access to the largest supply in the US.

Sea Kayak Georgia’s location on Tybee Island is one of the premier paddling locations worldwide.  We have access to protected waters as well as the Atlantic Ocean venue.  One of the sea kayak surfing spots we utilize is the “Triangle” to try the boats. We live on Tybee and know the waters and all the local nuances and love to share the kayaking experience. Our local waters offer enjoyable and challenging adventures.

You are invited to our annual Symposium and Ocean Gathering  that offers coaching by some of the world’s finest Nigel Dennis sponsored paddlers.  The symposium lasts for five days and is followed by a Rough Water Session that includes surfing and camping.  To kick off our symposium we offer a demo day where you can come and try the boats and meet Nigel Dennis and Eila Wilkinson.  Nigel and Eila also lead the Rough Water Session down the beautiful Coast of Georgia.

Your visit to Tybee Island will lauch you into a world of paddling wonder explored best by the incredible performance of one of the SKUK Nigel Dennis Kayaks.  Please make an appointment today, your lifesyle will be altered!  Call us for availability of boat models and demo appointments.