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Paddling trips to Include Lodging:

If you’d rather paddle long and hard all day, but come home for evening comfort, then we can arrange a paddle trip with lodging.  We’ll take care of all the logistics of planning the lodging and paddling trips.  We can offer guided touring and instruction for a wonderful paddling vacation for you when visiting Tybee Island, Savannah Georgia and the coast of Georgia inn general.

Tybee Island base camp:
Accommodations are available on island for one to 25 people.  We can rent a house for the group and run classroom programs there and at our facility classroom at Sea Kayak Georgia.  Touring and instruction can be arranged daily.  Shopping and sightseeing trips to historic downtown Savannah can easily be part of your plans.  We can stock the house with groceries if you so desire.  This is the area where if you imagine the possibilities we can arrange the perfect line up of activities for you.  Call us, let us know what you have in mind.

Ossabaw Island
Ossabaw Island, rich in cultural history as well as natural history, is Georgia’s first Heritage Preserve. Traveling by kayak gives us a unique perspective of Ossabaw’s intricate estuary and wetland ecosystem and it’s undisturbed wildlife habitat. It is host to a wide array of wildlife, such as dolphins, osprey, herons, endangered wood storks, wild turkey, Sicilian donkeys, wild pigs, alligators, and endangered loggerhead sea turtles. This trip provides an amazing opportunity to learn about Georgia’s barrier islands in an extraordinary and dynamic classroom. The landscape of Ossabaw is not unlike what the first Europeans encountered upon seeing what is now the Georgia coast.

This 26,000-acre barrier island is located 20 miles south of Savannah, Georgia. Approximately 17,000 of the island’s acres consist of marshes, rivers and creeks. The remaining 9,000 acres are highland wetlands, hammocks, and 9.5 miles of pristine beach.

Island tours by vehicle, led by staff naturalists with the Ossabaw Island Foundation, are included in the trip cost. Camping and lodge accommodations are available on Ossabaw.

Sapelo Island
A combination of adventure and cultural experience, this trip is designed to challenge paddlers progressively while taking time to enjoy the great diversity of southern culture. We explore the area around Darien, GA a small coastal fishing town, then cross the Doboy Sound to Sapelo Island. Sapelo is the last intact community of the Gullah people, descendants of several African nations who developed a common language and a distinct cultural identity. Most were freed slaves who were granted lands on this island. Sapelo is beautiful and rich-it’s a great place to slow down. Camping, B & B, lodge and other accommodations are available on Sapelo.

Skidaway State Park
When visiting Savannah, Georgia this is a beautiful place to stay.  These cabins allow for easy evening of rest for long day paddles leaving from Skidaway Narrows to as far away as Wassaw Island.  The narrows has the best summertime osprey viewing area around. Protected waters lead to large hammocks and a Civil War gun embankment. Long route takes you past the Isle of Hope marina and a number of interesting sail boats.

Fort McAllistar State Park
When we stay at the historic state park, we have access to exploring the fort.  Red Bird Creek is one of the most beautiful places to paddle on the coast of Georgia.  Paddles to Racoon Key and Ossabaw are available as well as using this cabin lodging as a trip to camp some nights paddling back to Tybee Island.

Crooked River State Park
We can explore beautiful waterways around St. Mary’s Georgia and have extended day paddles to Cumberland Island.  The cabins offer an alternative to camping and a soft bed after a good long paddle.