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Camping with Sea Kayak Georgia
One of the most amazing ways to experience and understand the real beauty of the Georgia coast is to camp.  Once out in the wilds we can get in touch with the wind, the waves, the tides and the natural rhythm of change that happens daily.  Let us plan an itinerary based on tides and your schedule.  We can plan for two to fifty going out for one night to week long adventures.  Trips can be primitive camping or we can coordinate with state parks to camp with facilities.
Guide Service can be offered from partial to fully outfitted.  This means you can have a guide and you take care of your food for partially outfitted programs.  Fully outfitted programs will include guide, boats, gear, food and even tents if your group needs them.  We live here and understand the ways of the islands, from where to go to when to go, why not use someone who is versed in the local language!  Special camping programs are planned for school groups throughout the year.

Little Tybee Island
Little Tybee Island is a chain of inland hammocks and small barrier islands connected by a maze of tidal creeks. Largely deserted even in summer months, the area is accessible only by boat. A graphic example of dune formation and maritime forest evolution, Little Tybee has a progression of palm, juniper, bay, pine and live oak trees. It is inhabited by dolphin, raccoon, gray fox, mink, feral pig, deer and alligator. There are no permanent human dwellings. The island has several miles of beachfront, accessible from inland rivers flowing to the sea. Thus, you can beach camp without having to paddle through the surf zone. On the other hand, if you like surfing, Little Tybee offers some of the best on the Georgia coast. Wild, scenic and wonderful, it is a great place for forest camping in the winter months or beach camping in warmer times. Primitive camping is the accommodation style for Little Tybee.

Yoga&Camp&Paddle several of these programs will be offered throughout the year, or by request.  This three day program explores the complex and magnificent esturaries of Little Tybee Island.  We will refine our skills with the boat and paddle based on tides.  Yoga sessions will be offered in morning and evening.  Camping will bring all the joys of living in the outdoor world.  Base cost is $100 per day.  Add on $ for rental of boats and equipment.   Call about this one!!

Yoga&Camp&Surf combine three wonderful activities into one.  Several of these programs will be offered throughout the year, check the schedule.  You must be able to roll, have a basic understanding of camping and yoga.  Three day sessions will let us immerse ourselves into the environment and recenter, refocus, and reset.  Base cost is $100 per day.  Add on $ for rental of boats and equipment.   Call about this one!!

Wassaw Island  is a full day trip we love to paddle, when we are camping overnight on the south end of little Tybee. Wassaw is a national wildlife refuge open to the public during daylight hours. It has mature maritime forests and miles of deserted beach. The landscape is famous for the Bone Yard, a grove of live oaks taken by the sea, dead but still standing in the sand and exposed to the roots at low tide.  Crossing Wassaw Sound to the island can be very exciting.  We love the hiking and navigation opportunites on this trip.

Ossabaw Island
Ossabaw Island, rich in cultural history as well as natural history, is Georgia’s first Heritage Preserve. Traveling by kayak gives us a unique perspective of Ossabaw’s intricate estuary and wetland ecosystem and it’s undisturbed wildlife habitat. It is host to a wide array of wildlife, such as dolphins, osprey, herons, endangered wood storks, wild turkey, Sicilian donkeys, wild pigs, alligators, and endangered loggerhead sea turtles. This trip provides an amazing opportunity to learn about Georgia’s barrier islands in an extraordinary and dynamic classroom. The landscape of Ossabaw is not unlike what the first Europeans encountered upon seeing what is now the Georgia coast.

This 26,000-acre barrier island is located 20 miles south of Savannah, Georgia. Approximately 17,000 of the island’s acres consist of marshes, rivers and creeks. The remaining 9,000 acres are highland wetlands, hammocks, and 9.5 miles of pristine beach.

Island tours by vehicle, led by staff naturalists with the Ossabaw Island Foundation, are included in the trip cost. Camping and lodge accommodations are available on Ossabaw.

Cumberland Island
The largest and southernmost of Georgia’s barrier islands, Cumberland Island was designated a national seashore in 1972. The island is steeped in human history, offering visible remains of ancient Indian cultures, the Revolutionary War, and the turn of the century grandeur of the Carnegie era. Cumberland’s beach is glorious and spacious. Today’s visitors find a ridge of slowly migrating sand dunes encroaching upon an impressive live oak forest. The forests are home to wild turkey, armadillos, white tailed deer, feral pigs, and wild horses. The native bobcat has been reintroduced with great success.  Nestled under the gnarled canopy of Cumberland’s ancient maritime forest, our camp is minutes away from the beach. We will explore the forests, marshes, and beaches of this beautiful island by kayak and on foot. Our evenings are spent around crackling fires in Sea Camp. Primitive campsites are also used as we combine kayaking with hiking.

Sapelo Island
A combination of adventure and cultural experience, this trip is designed to challenge paddlers progressively while taking time to enjoy the great diversity of southern culture. We explore the area around Darien, GA a small coastal fishing town, then cross the Doboy Sound to Sapelo Island. Sapelo is the last intact community of the Gullah people, descendants of several African nations who developed a common language and a distinct cultural identity. Most were freed slaves who were granted lands on this island. Sapelo is beautiful and rich-it’s a great place to slow down. Camping, B & B, lodge and other accommodations are available on Sapelo.

Cabretta Island
One of our favorites, this island is connected to Sapelo. We combine walking visits to Sapelo with camping on Cabretta.  Cabretta has excellent surfing and rough water training opportunities.  This camp is our favorite next to Little Tybee Island.  It is a 15 mile paddle to the camp, where will will base for 2-4 nights as we surf, explore, relax and spend some time unplugged from the world.

Georgia Coast “Our Favorite Parts” Fall or Early Winter
We start from Tybee and paddle south to Cabretta.  This trip is perfect for those who have been working on their skills all season and want to give themselves a reward to put the skills to the test.  We will paddle mostly front side as long as the conditions stay within the set boundaries.  Skill level needed for this trip: solid roll, rough water skills, ability to paddle in up to 20-25 knots of wind and 3-5 feet of swell, basic navigation skills, primitive camping skills, good sense of adventure and humor, love of the outdoors. We will take care of logistics, trip planning, shuttles, reservations. You will provide your own camping gear, meals, snacks, water, kayaking gear and kayak.  Check your schedule, this trip generally ranges from five to six days.