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American Canoe Association Instructor Certification

ACA Instructor Development and Certification

April 13-15        Level 2: Essentials Of Kayak Touring Instructor Certification Workshop
May 2-6             Level 3: Coastal Kayaking Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW)
August 11-16    Level 4: Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW)
October 6-12    Level 5: AOW Coastal Kayaking Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW)
October 24-28  Level 4: Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW)

Sea Kayak Georgia offers American Canoe Association Instructor Development Workshops (IDW) and Instructor Certification Exams (ICE) for those interested in instructing ACA courses. Those who have taken ACA instruction often find themselves with the desire to share their knowledge with others.
SKG offers certification for ACA Levels 1-5 and ACA SUP Instructor Yoga Certification.
Click on the links below for more information about each Instructor Certification Course.

Level 1 Introduction to Kayaking Instructor Development and Certification
Level 2 Essentials of Kayak Touring Development and Certification
Level 3 Coastal Kayaking Instructor Development and Certification
Level 4 Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor Development and Certification
Level 5 Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor Development and Certification
ACA SUP Instructor Yoga endorsement.

Each level requires a more advanced understanding of: safety awareness, general technical knowledge, paddling skills, teaching skills.

With the ACA Instructor Certification you will be recognized at a set standard backed by the American Canoe Association and recognized everywhere.  You should come with proficient paddling ability so that you may learn to teach.  Sea Kayak Georgia offers ACA training courses in all skill levels to fine tune your paddling ability so that you will be confident and skilled. It is possible that you may want to schedule some training sessions prior to the IDW and ICE to make sure your skills are properly refined, please call us and we can design the program that will effectively utilize your time and energy.

The purpose of the IDW is to help instructor candidates learn how to effectively teach.  The IDW is designed to be a stand-alone learning experience that will help prepare you for the ICE. Experienced paddlers who do not desire certification and want to deepen their knowledge of paddling are welcome to take advantage of this excellent training opportunity. The focus of the workshop is on the refinement of teaching and paddling skills and on expanding your knowledge of sea kayaking and paddle sports in general. You will be given instruction on instructing all strokes and maneuvers that you later will be expected to teach if you elect to attend the ICE. We will use videotape review and critique to assist you in your learning process. This process should provide you with a benchmark from which to evaluate the level of your own skill and knowledge, and help you to identify those areas where you need work before attending the ICE. 

The purpose of the ICE is to evaluate the candidate in each of the areas covered in the IDW.  This process is an exam and you should come with proficient paddling ability and teaching ability.  Sea Kayak Georgia offers pre exam training to get you to the level you wish to certify. Participation in the ICE does not guarantee certification.
The ICE is designed to evaluate the instructor candidate regarding their skills as an instructor at the level of their certification. Each candidate must be proficient in:
1) a general knowledge of paddle sport; to include the technical knowledge of coastal kayaking and equipment with elements of history and safety
2) teaching ability; which includes the appropriate application of interpersonal skills, task/group management, modeling and feed-back skills, the use of standardized terminology, technical understanding and the ability to break down skills and concepts into their component parts;
3) on-water skills, to include demonstrated proficiency in maneuvers, strokes, braces, rescues, towing and the Eskimo roll, an acceptable level of comfort in variable conditions and an incorporation of the skills you will teach into your own paddling style.
all levels must have taken an Instructor Development Workshop
Please call us for more details regarding instructor development and certification.

The road to becoming an Instructor takes a lot of practice and planning.  We are here to assist you in every step of your process.  Please call us so that we can help guide you to success.
Why take and IDW or ICE at Sea Kayak Georgia?  We have many years of paddling experience under our kayaks.  Our facility on Tybee Island offers an unparelled experience in kayak outfitting, boat and gear selection and paddling waters.  We have two classrooms on site, boat and gear storage and rental, showers and offer transportation to and from the launch sites.  If you have a group we can work with local rental companies to help find an economical lodging solution, we can also assist individuals with lodging opportunities.  Our local tide range of six to nine feet offers world class tide, current, surf and estuary paddling opportunities.  We are out there every day and know and understand the best places to go and when.  This local knowledge along with our level of training within the American Canoe Association  offers you the advantage of having the best training possible.  Ronnie Kemp is an ACA Level 5 Instructor Trainer and will illuminate the path to your best teaching self.

Mentorships and Long Term Development
We offer mentoring opportunities based on your goals.  Please give us a call to discuss mentoring at any level.  Long term student development is what we are all about. Give us a call to design your schedule of training to optimize your time for the upcoming year.

ACA SUP Instructor YOGA Endorsement:  For those of you who are already ACA SUP Instructors and  certified Yoga Instructors we offer the
ACA SUP Instructor Yoga endorsement.  This one day course reviews ACA syllabus for beginner yoga students, safety issues, anchoring systems and best practices.  The course can also be spread over two days at four hours each, followed by a practice yoga session each day.