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Instruction is the fastest way to get where you want to go when you are developing new skills. Sea Kayak Georgia School of Paddlesport provides quality instruction and long term paddlesport development for all skill levels. Everyone can benefit from working with a professional instructor no matter your paddling level. Learning the sport and art of paddling is an ongoing process.
We can put together a course plan based on the following menu.  Each person and group fits into their own individual development path, we will work with you starting at your current level and provide you with the courses that will lead to your growth and development in reaching your full potential.

Reservations Required

Please call us  912 786 8732  to make your reservation

Cost $150 per person for 1-2 participants,  $135 per person for 3-5 participants, $110 per person for 6+.
Course length is 3/4 hrs. Some courses are longer due to the material covered.
Courses posted on our schedule cost $135 per person, unless noted differently.
Multi day progression series costs vary by group size and program selection please call.

Introduction Courses:  Building Your Foundation
Safety and Rescue Training: Intro to basic assisted and self rescues, intro strokes and ability to rent boats in protected water.
Intro to Sea Kayaking is the place to start. Kayaking is about having fun and doing it safely and efficiently. You will learn how to dress, what to take with you, simple rescues combined with the paddling skills to maneuver comfortably on still water.
Basics Refinement is the next class to attend after you have been introduced to kayaking. There is more emphasis on getting comfortable with rescue sequences and understanding the basics of tides and currents. You will learn good posture and how the body works as one unit while increasing your paddling skills. You will also begin to understand how the boat responds to edging.
Family Fun and Games takes playing on the water and learning basic boat control and rescue practice to a fun place. The family can practice their new activity together, learn kayaking skills in the estuary and have a picnic lunch.
Kayak Kamp for Kids summer fun three day course for kids, ages 10-15 teaching outdoor and kayaking skills while exploring the islands
Guide training programs for Sea Kayak Georgia other organizations at our site or yours.  Great for camp counselors, girls scout leaders, day camps.

Intermediate Courses:  Build upon the foundation, adding technical understanding and fluidity
Rescues and Towing all assisted and self rescues, paddling with a flooded boat and towing in calm water and conditions.
Strokes Refinement enables you to maneuver and position your kayak with control and accuracy. Use edging and support strokes together for total boat control. Technical points on each stroke are emphasized to promote accuracy with grace and style. This class is full of practice to get you fine tuned.
 Intermediate Strokes and Safety takes paddling skills out in mild conditions. Flatwater skills will be challenged and further refined to increase confidence and boat control. Along with maneuvering and bracing in conditions, we will learn to control and paddle in the wind.
Navigation & Tides for Local Paddling I the first part of the day is classroom work. This is a perfect course for those who live in the local area or plan to paddle regularly on the coast. Here we will learn to read and interpret a nautical chart and tide log, how to use a compass, plot a course, heading and bearing and how to determine speed and distance. After lunch we take a journey and put our navigation skills to use. This class is geared to the beginner and intermediate paddler.
Navigation, Tide, Current and Trip Planning II take Nav 1 and add open water, wind, waves, tides and current. 
Bracing, Sculling and Rolling build skills development by spending a day working on support strokes.  Bracing, balance bracing, rolling and rescue techniques will figure into this day on the water.  Bring your nose clips and plan to be wet all day.
Incident Management Flatwater a series of practice “incidents” to sort out during the day. Designed to combine rescue and towing, risk management techniques to assist you in your understanding of how to be aware and keep incidents from happening and how work it out when they do.
Incident Management Rough water a series of practice “incidents” to sort out in rough water, current, and wind. 
Rolling Clinic is a skills building class focusing on students learning how to recover from capsizing. You should plan on spending the day in the water, dress accordingly. Bring your nose clips, they will add to your comfort level. Learning to roll will give you confidence in developing all other skills and venturing into varying conditions. It is also incredibly fun. Three hour class.  Classes are listed on the schedule and by appointment, so please call.
Rolling Clinic Pool Session during the cooler months of November through March indoor pool rolling sessions will be offered. These sessions are a great way to continue your roll practice throughout the winter. Two hours sessions are the norm, additional hours can be added if needed. Classes are listed on the schedule and by appointment, so please call.
Rough Water Intro introduces skills beyond flat calm water, combine tidal influence with current and swell. Learn to maneuver in conditions. Work on strokes, rescues and towing.
Rough Water Intermediate refine intro skills, add bigger swell and more breaking waves. Maneuver and navigate in conditions. Refine strokes, rescues and navigate through areas of rough water.
Sea Kayak Surfing Intro An introduction to the skills and etiquette needed to play safely in the surf, followed by a practice session in small waves. Included in this class, we cover how to take advantage of a following sea, setting up to land, riding the wave and the foam pile. Leaving the beach, stroke timing and basic tactics for dealing with on-coming waves are covered. You need a helmet, and must be able to self rescue.
Sea Kayak Surfing Intermediate Go beyond the basics and have your strokes, boat control and timing fine tuned. We’ll try out a number of surf breaks from Tybee to Little Tybee.  You need a helmet, and must be able to roll.
BCU 2 Star Kayak and canoe course covering two days, lots of fun onwater time to try different boats and build skills in strokes refinement and rescues.
BCU 3 Star two day sea kayak skills refinement course, towing, intro to rolling and venturing into a bit more than flat water, intro to tides, charts and navigation.
Kayak Kamp for Adults Intermediate summer fun three day course for adults, working on strokes refinement, rescues, braces and rolling, can be scheduled privately for groups
Kayak Kamp for Kids Intermediate summer fun three day course for kids, ages 13 to 16 teaching outdoor and kayaking skills while exploring the islands, experiment with rescues, bracing and rolling, introduction to stand up paddling
Yoga&Camp&Paddle several of these programs will be offered throughout the year, or by request.  This three day program explores the complex and magnificent esturaries of Little Tybee Island.  We will refine our skills with the boat and paddle based on tides.  Yoga sessions will be offered in morning and evening.  Camping will bring all the joys of living in the outdoor world.  Base cost is $100 per day.  Add on $ for rental of boats and equipment.   Call about this one!!
Yoga&Camp&Surf combine three wonderful activities into one.  Several of these programs will be offered throughout the year.  You must be able to roll, have a basic understanding of camping and yoga.  Three day sessions will let us immerse ourselves into the environment and recenter, refocus, and reset.  Base cost is $100 per day.  Add on $ for rental of boats and equipment.   Call about this one!!

Advanced Courses: Refine solid seamanship
Level 5 Open Water Paddling explores navigation, paddling in surf, beach landings, rescues in rough water, towing, leadership skills , total awareness. All this will be taught and practiced while on a sea kayak journey.
Advanced Rescues and Towing covers assisted rescues, self rescues, paddling with a flooded boat, towing in conditions. Work through a number or scenarios to test abilities in challenging conditions.
Navigation, Tide, Current and Trip Planning III open water, wind, waves, tides and current. These skills will also be practiced at night
Bracing, Sculling and Rolling build skills development in conditions.   Bracing, balance bracing, rolling and rescue techniques will figure into this day on the water. Bring your nose clips and plan to be wet all day.
Rough Water Advanced refine intro skills, add bigger swell and more breaking waves. Manuever and navigate in conditions. Refine strokes, rescues and navigate through areas of rough water. Begin working on leadership skills in this course.
Sea Kayak Surfing Advanced refine wave reading, boat control, learning where not to go as much as where to go.  Lots of wind and wave action on this one.  Personal helmet and roll required.

Progression Series: Courses for long term development
Let us work with you for a series of days to immerse you in paddle sport technique. Multiple days of training allows you to focus, build your technique in a timely manner and take advantage of our amazing paddling destination. Series suggestions are listed below. Please use your imagination and tell us what you would like to combine. We can arrange for accommodations to go with your courses. Group accommodations can be arranged and classroom work can be done at your group house or our facility classrooms.

Combination and Coordination Series strokes refinement, linking strokes, balance really delving into the art of kayaking
Local Waters Series learn to paddle the local waters of Tybee and Little Tybee from the actual locals, we know all the best paddling places and we understand where the tide and current tell us to go
Dimensional Series bracing, edging, rolling all things moving beyond keeping the kayaking flat
Rough Water Series water reading, navigation and boat control in rough water
Sea Kayak Surfing Series learn to ride the waves: reading water, boat control, rolling, tides
ACA Courses American Canoe Association Skills Training and Assessment
BCU Courses British Canoe Union Skills Training and Assessment

Symposium Every October we host our spectacular Sea Kayak Georgia Skills Symposium and BCU Week, Tybee Island, Georgia Coaches and students from all reaches of the globe join together for a wonderful networking of education, self discovery, and meeting new friends and seeing old friends again. Five days of training  assessments, fun classes fill the daylight hours. In the evenings we get together for group dinners and presentations about paddling destinations around the world. Please join us for all five days or a day or two on the weekend.

Wanting to become an ACA instructor?
ACA Instructor Courses: American Canoe Association Instructor Development and Cerification