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Canoe Instruction

Canoe Instruction

Sea Kayak Georgia offers canoe instruction for all skill levels from beginner and beyond in flat water canoeing. If you are just getting started or want to fine tune your skills, we have a class for you. We offer private group instruction for one day or multiple days, and have special programs for girl and boy scouts and school groups. All of our instructors are American Canoe Association certified, and have many years experience teaching the necessary paddling skills to become a better boater and to safely enjoy the sport for years to come. All paddling gear necessary for your class is provided. Solo or tandem, whatever you choose you will come away feeling confident about your paddling skills.

Reservations Required
Please call us at 912 786 8732 to schedule your program

Cost is based on number of participants and length of program.  Let us create a canoe instruction program for your group.

The SmartStart Paddling Orientation  will expose participants to the basic safety and paddling skills. 45 minutes – 1 hour

The Quickstart Your Canoe course is designed to introduce/expose the participant to sufficient skill and knowledge
so that they can enjoy the sport of tandem canoeing on flat water.  Up to 4 hours

The Flatwater Canoe Safety and Rescue workshop introduces flat water safety practices and rescue techniques that can be performed with a minimum of equipment, in the first few minutes of an emergency. 4 or more hours

The Introduction to Canoeing course is designed as a short program emphasizing the entry-level paddling skills for individuals desiring an introduction to the sport of canoeing. 5-6 hours full day

The Essentials of Canoe Touring course is designed to teach beginner paddlers to safely and enjoyably canoe on quiet water. 5-6 hours full day