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Funky Tybee

Funky Tybee

What is funky Tybee?  Well, on any given day you can see some very interesting visual manifestations on the island.  What you see and experience here is the culmination of the laid back island lifestyle of residents and visitors.  The ocean draws us all together and here the island story unfolds.

Get on your bike and ride around the island and see the amazing cottages, trees, flowers expressions of the folks living here!  Check out Douglas Jones Fish Art for a definite walk down the funky path.

Get in your kayak and feel the ocean, experience the estuary carved out by the tides.  Spend the day in the watery part of the planet.  Make sure to bring a picnic from thrive or the deli of the IGA, best subs around!  Be sure to check the tides with your Tide Log, owned locally.

Evening time brings good food, good music, strolls on the beach watching the sunset. Funkiness gathers at Huc a Poos and wakes up the next day with Tybean Art and Coffee Bar.   See how many pelicans you can count flying in formation.

Get your bike from Tim’s Beach Gear, check out All Out Kiteboarding, nothing more funky than seeing all the kite boarders at it on a windy day.  There is lots of local art so check out the art in our shop and at Dragonfly Studio and many other little art galleries on the island.

Everyone is so expressive and colorful.  Make sure to say hello when you pass folks, after all you are in the friendly south.