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2014 In Retrospect

As 2014 draws to a close, we begin to reflect upon all the wonderful times that we had in the last year and start to plan our schedule for the upcoming fun of 2015.  Our memories always flow to how we shared with others in paddlesport in 2014.  What do we want to continue sharing next year and what new things can we bring to our students attention.  More and more with each passing year, I am aware of the impact that the cyber world is having on all of us. Productivity means to spend more time in front of our computers, laptops, tablets, phones.  Each and every one of these devices assists me in my job to a major degree.  But a big part of our job at Sea Kayak Georgia happens in places where these things cannot survive.  In 2015 one of our goals is to get more people to balance spending more time in this place where the devices cannot safely go, but the people can.  In fact, not only will they find that they are safe, but a deep human need is met in this place.

This place is outside on the water, on an island with toes in the sand having a picnic.  It is also on the ocean speeding down the face of a wave, not sure and not really caring if you flip over or not.  Not flipping over and saying “Just one more time”, flipping over and then rolling up saying “Just one more time”. Don’t you want to be on a stand up paddle board floating through the marsh with the tide, the wind and herons and egrets?  Give yourself SUP yoga at sunrise and throw in some dolphin and manatee during asanas. Take a board into the middle of Tybee Creek and dive off the side repeatedly and think “Just one more time”.  Let’s paddle deep into the estuary on high tide and visit the enchanted forest.  Learn how to surf your SUP “Just one more time”.  Let’s paddle down Chimney Creek on High Tide and flow out to Little Tybee and get picked up at Alley #3.  Let’s introduce kayaking to forty eighth graders.  Come on teachers, let us take your students camping for the week, kayaking in the days and talking around the campfire in the evening.  Let’s play in Wassaw sound with a college group after watching thousands of horseshoe crabs mating.  We want to teach you your first forward stroke, refine your millionth sweep stroke, teach you a forward finishing roll, which kayak to buy, the best paddle for your size, how to stand on your head on your SUP.  I want Ronnie to illuminate your pathways as you become an ACA instructor and come back to have him mentor you for your ACA Level 5 Instructorship.  Can we please take you on an overnight trip into the mystical beauty of the Okefenokee Swamp?  I know that the Tupelo cathedral on Ebenezer Creek is calling your name.  I would love to show you our favorite shore break at Myrtle and my favorite turn in Crabpot Creek.  We can literally assist you in easing heartache by visiting the Enchanted Forest, and I don’t want to hold you back from the chance of learning history from Ossabaw Island by kayaking and learning of the history of the last 5000 years of Cumberland Island for the week.  I demand that you breathe as much fresh air as possible, pee outside alot, have as many picnics on a blanket under the sun as your heart desires, collect wood to build a fire, don’t take a bath and laugh until your sides split.  I really need you to know that a clapper rail and a marsh hen are two of my favorite things which are really the same thing.  I love to watch the tide go out and reveal the oysters squirting water as they are filter pumping until the last possible second.  Can you please smear marsh mud all over your face and then swim until it washes off.  How do you feel about counting eighty pelicans flying overhead in just a matter of seconds?  Can you say that the black skimmer has revealed skimming to you on multiple occasions, or sea turtles have taken deep gulps of air just by your boat as you were thinking of rolling in that exact spot?  Have you seen dolphin being their true selves, hunting, teaching their young and giving birth?  How about joining us for some of these outdoor opportunities, bring your phone or waterproof camera and then when you’re done you can connect to cyber world with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit.  Open yourself up to the stunning beauty of Coastal Georgia.
We invite you to come outside with us, we hope to see you often in 2015, Paddle Tybee!  Marsha Henson and Ronnie Kemp


Training at Sea Kayak Georgia

Congratulations to all the new L3 SUP Instructors from this past weekend!  Keith Keller was the ACA IT, it was a great pleasure to have him bring his excellent teaching skill to Sea Kayak Georgia.  Look for more collaborations in the future. We’re gearing up for the annual Sea Kayak Georgia Skills Symposium and BCUContinue Reading

Sea Kayak Georgia 2013 & 14 Fall and Winter Training and Events

The weather on Tybee Island is beginning to cool and we are turning our thoughts to fall and winter training events.  There are a lot of awesome things happening on the water here throughout the rest of 2013 and into 2014.  Ronnie and I both hope that you will join us for some or allContinue Reading

Sea Kayak Georgia

Welcome to the New Sea Kayak Georgia. Take a look, give us a call and lets go Kayaking